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About Peak Soccer Academy

Our Mission

Peak Soccer Academy has been formed with a simple mission:

To provide athletes with proper instruction to foster achievement and provide amazing experiences, which in turn leads to life long memories.

We believe, with your help, we can create an incredible athletic atmosphere right here in Rockford; using local players as well as players from our surrounding communities.  Over the past few years the amount of players traveling to the Chicago suburbs has increased tremendously – it doesn’t have to.  We have great coaches, great athletes, wonderful and giving families, as well as tremendous facilities right here; all we need is one club that provides the right atmosphere to grow - for all players at all skill levels. 

PSA is a competitive soccer club focusing on player development and superior customer service.  PSA provides players the opportunity to work in an elite environment to develop their technical, tactical, physiological, psychological, and social skills.  

Our goal is to push YOU to “YOUR” peak; push YOU towards “YOUR” maximum potential. 

Soccer, as all sports, has a simple concept; learn basic fundamentals and then learn how to perform them at higher levels of speed.  Our coaches' and their assistants’ attention to detail will help all our athletes develop to their fullest potential.

Our Director of Coaching (DOC) works closely with his coaching staff to develop a clear and concise message for development and transition between age groups and levels of play.  We will provide our players and parents with a consistent experience they will remember for the rest of their lives. 

Our club has set forth the following statement of understanding:

We understand soccer is a significant time and financial commitment and our success is measured by your level of satisfaction

We understand the player/parent is our customer and they deserve to be treated with the highest level of professionalism

We will deliver the highest level of customer service to both the parent and player

Our DOC will provide our athletes with a soccer experience that will push them to “their” highest level of play

We require the DOC to be hands on at practices and games – for all age groups

Our goal is to invite all the athletes in a particular age group and have them compete for a tournament roster spot.  Our DOC will make sure all the players and parents understand our philosophy on playing time versus development (league games are for development and tournaments are meant to be won).

PSA will offer our athletes plenty of specialized training which will include speed and agility, nutrition, and dedicated goalie training  

As part of their contracts, all our coaches will attend required coaching clinics to further their overall knowledge and licensing

We can assure you, our program will be transparent, and our coaches will be attentive and motivating - your child will work hard! As a parent you and your child will receive the highest level of customer service.

Thank you for your consideration. We appreciate the opportunity to earn your business!